• Image of Lost at Sea 12"
  • Image of Lost at Sea 12"
  • Image of Lost at Sea 12"
  • Image of Lost at Sea 12"

Deluxe, extremely limited edition of water clear, stereo lathe-cut, one-sided 12" vinyl featuring laser-etched artwork.

Just in time for Shark Week, set sail with songs of the sea with these Satanic Puppeteer Orchestra originals. Featuring liner notes by John K. Peck (Writer for McSweeney's, Salon, The Toast, and others; Bassist, American Steel; Editor, Degraded Orbit; Co-founder, Volta Press).

Includes two-sided, full color lyric insert sheet, sheet of temporary sailor tattoos, Neptune's Crown brand Shark Wigs sticker, laser-etched, clear vinyl, and a digital copy of the album. Stereo lathe cutting by Little Elephant Lathe Cuts. First pressing of just 42 copies.

1. Living Inside of a Whale
2. I Don’t Wanna Walk the Plank
3. Kelp!
4. Sea Anemones (aka Shark Wigs)
5. The Greatest Pyramids
6. Eight-Fingered Pete
7. Another Man’s Treasure
8. You Were Mermaid For Me

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