• Image of Surf the Web 12"
  • Image of Surf the Web 12"

Deluxe, extremely limited edition of clear, stereo lathe-cut, one-sided 12" vinyl featuring laser-etched artwork. Release also includes custom mouse pad and "Definitely Not Logins & Passwords" sticky notes. Liner notes by Brian Chidester (Creative Historian, author of Pop Surf Culture).

Have you heard about the wild robot-fronted band making waves with their latest internet-themed surf album? Yes? Oh. I was kind of expecting you to say “no.” I had it all planned out. I was going to tell you about how they are working on 20 themed albums. And how this new surf one, #9 of 20, is available on super limited, lathe-cut vinyl with laser-etched art on the b-side. And the music!? Tribal drums and spooky organ-drenched landscapes filled with slanky surf guitar. And so much reverb. Can’t forget... there’s a robot singing. But you already know all this. So, I guess, you can just go about your day. As you were.

1. Six Reasons Why Clickbait Titles Actually Work (1:45)
2. I Should've Asked Jeeves (1:45)
3. Let Me Guess Your Password (2:28)
4. Pier Pressure (1:58)
5. Gone Phishing (2:28)
6. Like and Subscribe (3:14)
7. Dear CAPTCHA (3:09)
8. Boredwalk (2:52)


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